CalcMadeEasy Free 1.3.1

Multi-functional scientific calculator

CalcMadeEasy is a highly visible, user friendly scientific and mathematical calculator for Mac. View full description


  • Lots of scientific functions
  • Variety of skins
  • Built-in note taking function
  • Nice and large


  • Not very attractive


CalcMadeEasy is a highly visible, user friendly scientific and mathematical calculator for Mac.

Whether you are looking for a more accessible alternative to the default Mac calculator, or you need one that's just a little bit more powerful, you should take a look at CalcMadeEasy. This app isn't quite as smooth-looking as your average Mac app, but there is no denying that it's very user-friendly, with a large, clear interface and clearly marked options.

Users will also be please to know that CalcMadeEasy also comes with a built-in note taking app that automatically records your calculations - or anything else you want to note down. The notes - and the app as a whole - are skinnable, with a choice of 4 note colors, 2 note fonts, and 3 skins for the calculator itself. CalcMadeEasy's configuration options aren't up to much, but that's not really important, as the main attraction of this app lies in its functions as a calculator.

CalcMadeEasy offers lots of options, including Scientific, Memory and Basic functions. You can change between Degree and Radian easily. You'll also be able to choose the level of rounding under the Preferences. There is also access to Universal Constants, while you can also verify operands and operators. CalcMadeEasy also gives you access to past values and Stack, using RPN mode. To access some of CalcMadeEasy's options, you'll need to right-click in the number field.

CalcMadeEasy is a very user-friendly mathematical and scientific calculator for Mac.



CalcMadeEasy Free 1.3.1

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  • niagaratim

    by niagaratim

    "its ok"

    nice calculator but please change ugly icon..   More.